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Buick reveals its glowing plug-in hybrid Concept

11/20/2016 15:52:27
Buick reveals its glowing plug-in hybrid Concept
The Buick Velite Concept is a nondescript mashup of design elements that we've already seen.

Buick unveils its latest Velite Concept at the Auto Guangzhou 2016 Show in China. It's latest because actually this is the second time when Buick uses this name for its concept, the previous having been shown at the 2004 New York Auto Show. While the first Velite concept was a two-door convertible, the second Velite is a four-door crossover.



The exterior of the compact crossover blends GM’s current sporty styling aesthetic and Buick’s new design language with the goal of improving aerodynamics, thus lowering drag coefficient to improve fuel economy. Additionally, the high-performance plug-in hybrid electric vehicle’s powertrain uses a new generation of GM’s modular intelligent electric drive system and a high-performance modular lithium-ion battery pack, likely similar to the powertrain in the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt.



Buick claims that the Velite concept has an elegant interior with recycled materials, a panoramic roof, induction lighting, and can serve as a mobile network that syncs with your phone to help owners keep everything together. It also features a 360-degree intelligent traffic induction system similar to Tesla’s radar-based system. The Velite uses its sensors to provide hazard warnings, lane and safety distance assists, adaptive cruise control, and night vision like you’d get on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.


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